Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton NJ, USA

Siemens Corporate Research (SCR) is one of several world-class central research and development labs within Siemens Corporate Technology, consisting of hundreds of research scientists and software engineers. In particular, SCR is recognized as leading research institute in medical imaging and bioinformatics. SCR has been developing a versatile scientific simulation platform providing workflow modelling (iKDD) and data-management (SciPort). As the leader of WP2, Dr. Fabian Moerchen from SCR will foster a common understanding between the end-users and IT experts to capture the requirements. SCR will support WP leader Maat and Siemens in WP4 to establish an intercontinental grid platform to enable interoperability and support the collaboration between the EU and US partners. In WP5 the team of Dr. Dorin Comaniciu will contribute with its unique modelling capabilities to extending the heart models to include the full heart, aorta, fluid dynamics and biomechanics.