The HeC Dissemination Objects

HeC on YouTube

By cutting and combining audio and visual recordings of talks and presentation that the partners of Health-e-Child produced over the final years of the project, in conjunction with specially recorded interviews and presentations Lynkeus produced a series of Dissemination Objects to elucidate the work of the project to both experts in the field and interested members of the public.


The dissemination objects are roughly 4-8 minute clips that highlight and illuminate a variety of Health-e-Child’s outcomes ranging from the genetic work that completed in Neuro-Oncology to the HealthGrid and it security protocols which were developed. The best clips were then used to produce a 90 minute video presentation which has been entitled “The Health-e-Child Story: Improving Outcomes by Personalizing Diagnostics and Therapy in Paediatrics”.


Both the longer video presentation and the individual clips can be seen through YouTube at: